WWE: Demons vs. Me


I live a relatively

cuss-free life,

but the big f-bomb

is the only word

that comes to mind

when my demons

get the upper-hand.


I live a relatively

control-freak life,

so when I can’t

hold my ground

as Master of my mind,

it brings me down

like a body slam.


So count to three

and take this win

because I’ll need

at least three days

before I get

back up again.

(Yes, I lost the match



Getting so tired of

getting my ass beaten;

I used to be the

undefeated champion.

(NO, tears, I forbid you

to leave the eye.)


The tiger within

laps the tears back in

that Pride almost

let escape again,

starts pacing and

sharpening steel claws,


waiting to be freed

inside the cage

when the match is lit

and the fire blazes.

This time the opponent

will fall, once and for all.


There is strength in numbers,

but when you’re alone,

your numbers are the number

of rounds to the throne,

so you can have this round,

go ahead and ring the bell.


In order to take the title,

you’ll have to pin me again,

and again and again,

which is never going to happen,

so FUCK YOU, bitches:

you’ll never get this Belt


~Tektite Tears


Pearl of Fear

Anxiety attack,

maybe panic,

who knows;

never been one

for labels or molds.


All new to me,

closer together now,

like contractions,

counting down

some big unknown.


Triggers, like mines,

planted by my mind,

ready to be tripped,

buried underneath.


Heart pounding,

breath labored,

tears waiting,

coldness floods

the inside of me.


The mine rips me open,

reveals the rawness,

what scares me most,



pearl of fear

finally extracted

from the clam,

placed under the



and identified as…


being misunderstood

or rejected when

emotionally invested.


~Tektite Tears

Solo Isle

I choose to be an island

off the main shore


at enough distance to

deter adventurous swimmers


I own the ferry

but never send it


leave a sign up year round

that says closed for the season


peace and quiet I seek

my guise for secrecy


for on these shores

I’ve buried my treasures


the only time salty tears

spring from the geysers


is when I take the sign down

but still no one visits


~Tektite Tears


Do I dare unlock the first door

that was locked until Evermore?


Denial and I have lived in peace

for quite some time,

perhaps I should just let

sleeping beasts lie.


He thinks I am the Master

for I have the skeleton key,

but He is really the one

with the power over me.


They say your opponent

can smell your fear;

I could be on Broadway

but not playing

the role of Bravery.


I am a fierce opponent,

confident I will survive,

maybe not Strong,

but definitely Wise.


Outwitting my opponent

right out of the gate,

always one step ahead,

setting traps along the way.


Behind the locked door

the Prisoner lies;

not sure why they say

you have to look Denial in the eye,


but it is time.


~Tektite Tears




Things went wrong

during the operation today;

From a standard procedure

to Code Blue, Mayday.

Sometimes these things just happen,

even in good health.

Perhaps I should not have

operated on myself.


Mayday, May Day,

ironically my day,

Ironically what I was reflecting on

when things went astray.

44 May Day birthdays

have now come to pass.

May Day celebrates life,

Mayday precedes death.


Self-surgery at home

with Dr. I. Inkwell,

Open-heart, open-brain,

open soul as well,

All exposed at once,

on a shaky, unsterile table,

Recovering in ICU;

this time it wasn’t fatal.


~Tektite Tears

Traitors Among Us

I thought I could trust You,

thought I knew You;

You were my

Only Confidants.


Blood Sisters,

You Three and I,

my only Rocks in

this revolving world.


You are all I know,

all I have,

my True Norths

in this Fiery South.


This injustice is

so disgusting,

frustration tears

breaking me down.


Blood dripping down,

Knives in my back,

I declare mutiny.


Mind, Heart, Soul,

Who betrayed me?


~Tektite Tears


My Soul is a Slut

High moral standards

seem to have always been

innately ingrained in me,

with some credit deferred to

my parents, of course,

for the way they raised me

(thank you, mom and dad),

but putting it quite frankly

(sorry, mom and dad)—


my soul is a slut.


A creosapiosexual is what

the diagnosis seems to be

(yes, it’s a thing, a word

I just discovered during

my self-surgery).


My soul runs off with

strangers to the nearest


one-night stands to

fantasizing forevers,


sober drunkenness,

poems exchanged,

platonic artist orgies

using fake names,


all rated PG;


dirty talk of


and philosophy,

the climax:

cracking open

the dictionary.


My soul is a slut.


When I’m asleep,

I think my soul sneaks out

and hooks up with other souls

high above the city,

leaving me here



I wake up at 3 with insomnia

or perhaps…


my soul simply

returning to me.


~Tektite Tears

Delete Queen

type, delete

type, delete

type, type, type, type,

post, delete


re-post, delete

re-post, delete

new profile, old profile

delete, delete




Delete Queen,

Delete Queen,

what do you fear?


Hell if I know!

A few more deletes

and hopefully it will

become clear though…


~Tektite Tears

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